What makes you happy?

    June 29, 2017
    What makes you happy?

    What makes you happy?

    What makes you happy?

    A 9 year old kid asked me last week, “what do you like most?“.
    I looked at him with puzzled eyebrows and said
    well what do you mean? like… in general?“.
    just thought it was so bizarre that such a broad question was asked yet I didn’t have a clue where to begin to answer.  

    He replied “yeah, what do you like most? like name anything!

    So here I am picking my brain to give an elaborately beautiful answer to fulfill a little kid’s question, and my own life’s quest (laughing out loud inside because I realized I just made it super complicated).

    I love… dogs *pausing while waiting for signs of approval on his face*”
    He approved, with a smile.  Then he said “uh huh, and what else?

    Ugh, now he wants more? This is almost like the SATs.  So, I went a bit deeper into my brain to dig for profound answers. Continue Reading

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